At this point, everyone is ready for life to return to normal.

But where do we go from here?

It’s uncertain if or when certain industries will ever recover. The back-and-forth impact it’s having on our economy, workforce and freedom are certainly frustrating. It leaves everyone wondering what to expect in coming years. This article highlights what industries to avoid and which industries might be paving the way for the future. One major player might just be the Insurance Industry, more specifically, American Income Life who we decided to feature in this article due to their recent growth, company culture and their massive hiring initiative that’s underway right now.

Watch their “company culture” video

Culture is everything at AIL. Even in the virtual world their culture has not only endured but flourished. Cash giveaways, vacation raffles, virtual happy hours and award ceremonies – it’s a riot you have to be a part of to understand. Their culture even earned them a Top Workplace Culture award with Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes named them one of the Top 50 Happiest Companies to Work For.

It doesn’t hurt that entry level employees average at least $63,000 their first year, with some crossing well over $100,000 mark! They’re currently hiring, and you can enroll in their process below if you’re interested!

  1. Register for a 10 minute webinar where a manager will cover the job position, compensation, and reponsibilities!
  2. Fill out a short application after the webinar.
  3. Receive a call within 36 hours to set a 1-on-1 final interview!

Many industries already taking the biggest hits are only set to worsen as the year moves on.  Opportunities for cashiers, bartenders, restaurant and other leisure/hospitality staff are down an average of 20%. With many companies either closing their doors or finding ways to operate without those staff members, how are these employees supposed to find a way to put food on the table?

The increase in IT Services is highly attributed to the growth of tele-working and other remote work/remote services. Child-care, schooling and other factors having a never before seen impact on family life. Now, more than ever, the ability to work remote is a huge perk to any job seeker.

You can’t help but ask, why so many openings and how is it all done remote?

The increase in tele-working and other AI automations has allowed the insurance industry, along with other industry giants like Walmart and Amazon, to increase profitability upwards of 31%. This fueled them up for an amazing year and many more amazing years to come, already outperforming other industries in terms of growth and profitability by more than 76% in some cases. Recent increases in demand for insurance services paired with this rise in profits has some agency owners doubling down and creating thousands of new opportunities. Jobs that don’t require a college degree or years of experience to launch a career.

As one could imagine, now is as good a time as ever to get into fields like Healthcare or Software/IT services. These two industries have by far paved the way for the “new way of life” we are all trying to embrace. However, both these industries require years of schooling and a large financial burden before launching a career.