Welcome to the age of “work from home”. 

 Lay-offs, budget cuts and furloughs have been the topic of discussion for the last 2 years. With the world shut down, the work from home business model flourished. The increase in tele-working and other remote work/ remote services is the direction our future is headed. With child-care, health, safety, and other factors having a never before seen impact on family life, the ability to work 100% remote is a huge perk to any job seeker. Here are a list of several awesome work from home jobs available for anyone to apply for:

1. CTFO – Holistic Health & Wellness Products

CTFO is a huge health and wellness manufacturer that has created a massively successful business selling their revolutionary patent pending products. Their motto is “Be in business for yourself”. They have revolutionized the work from home model for people all over the USA, and Canada in the past year. Whether you’re looking for part-time work, or a full-time gig you can pour your heart and soul into, they will give you an opportunity.

Why they’re so popular:

They will provide you with very comprehensive training and training materials. Wether you’re interested in sales, or business management their business model caters to both. They realized that by giving people the opportunity to work towards their own dream and not someone else’s, those people could achieve things they never thought possible. You can learn more about getting started with CTFO below.

2. American Income Life – Customer Service Representative

For American Income Life, company culture is everything. They are hiring Customer Service Representatives from all 50 states and Canada to help manage growing client needs and help provide both new and existing clients with the best products and services available. This is an opportunity to get a foot in the door with a company unlike any other with career mobility to mid and upper level management.
Why work for them? 1 word… CULTURE. I’m talking Instagram giveaways, Zoom happy hours, and wildly entertaining virtual promotions/award ceremonies – They’ve done their best to make the most out of a year that most of us would rather forget. They’ve even won awards from prestigious magazines life Forbes and Entrepreneur for employee workplace satisfaction and happiness.