Amanda McKenzie – March 01, 2021

With the cost of living and college tuition steadily increasing, and unemployment at an all time high, the question at the forefront of many American minds is:   How can I make enough to provide for me and my family?

New graduates are finding themselves entering the workforce crippled with loans only to find that the very jobs giving the salary they need to pay them back all require 10+ years of experience…if they’re hiring at all.

If you want the best chance at earning a potential six figures in an industry where you literally need no experience, then working for this award winning Life Insurance Agency is the job for you – If you want to make six figures but do so with an $8/hour work ethic, this is not the job for you.

Let me introduce the Forbes/Boston Globe/Entrepreneur Magazine Award Winning company, Serur Agencies.

Serur Agencies is probably a new name for most of you.  In fact if you don’t live in New England you likely haven’t heard of this Life Insurance Agency at all but by the time 2020 is over that will certainly change.  Under the leadership of young visionary entrepreneur Albert Serur they were able to change their business model to be completely virtual when COVID struck.

What’s that mean for Serur Agencies?  It means they have been able to expand their business to all 50 states and sources tell me their hiring needs are in the 10’s of thousands.

That isn’t why I decided to write about them though.  They have a phenomenal Glass Door rating – 4.9 stars out of 5.  That is unheard of in the life insurance industry, and any other industry at that.  The reason for that is likely that they don’t make their agents cold call or go door-to-door. They provide their agents with warm leads always. The 4.9 star rating is supported by the Boston Globe’s back-to-back-to-back Top Workplace Award.  Still not impressed?  Serur Agencies even landed on Forbes radar last year, being awarded the 24th happiest workplace in the USA and in 2018 Entrepreneur Magazine ranked them as the top workplace as well.

Additionally all their positions are totally remote and virtual now.  You can #staysafe and #stayhome while still still earning a paycheck.

I’d also recommend applying here as they are hiring people of all employment backgrounds, no experience necessary.  I did some digging and spoke to some current and ex-employees there so I know firsthand that the first year Agents at Serur Agencies average around $62,000 in earnings and over $100,000 for those who put in the effort.