What a time to be alive.

 Lay-offs, budget cuts and furloughs have been the topic of discussion since last year. Things like working from home, furloughs and downsizing have now impacted over 25% of US families. The increase in tele-working and other remote work/ remote services is likely the direction our future is headed. With child-care, schooling and other factors having a never before seen impact on family life, the ability to work 100% remote is a huge perk to any job seeker.

So then.. how can someone make GOOD MONEY working from home?

One major player might just be the Insurance Industry, specifically, one of the industry leaders: American Income Life (link to apply below).

We decided to feature American Income Life for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • CULTURE: Award winning Glassdoor rating, Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes Top 50 Happiest Companies to Work For
  • MONEY: 1st Year Employees averaged at least $60,000/year and some made well over $100,000
  • GROWTH: AIL is known to fast track employees to managerial positions which come with generous raises
  • All of their positions are completely REMOTE
  • Most important, they’re hiring NATIONWIDE!

Check them out online but be sure to apply here! Hiring Managers are actively reviewing all applicants who register through this post. In some instances, they get candidates working in as little as 1 week!

The “Apply Today” button will take you to register for company overview in webinar format. Very laid back. After the webinar, complete a quick questionnaire and wait to hear back from hiring manager!