Top Companies Currently Mass Hiring In New Jersey

 Zach LeHouiller – March 01, 2021

Unemployment is at an all time high now.  Companies are closing their doors left and right leaving millions of unemployed and concerned citizens in their wake.  In this dark hour a few companies shine bright, providing a beacon of hope for those in need of work.  Their doors are open, their arms are accepting, and their opportunities are real.  

I chose these 3 companies not only for their insatiable hiring demand, but because their reputations elevate them above all others.

1. Giglione-Ackerman Agency

Giglione Ackerman Agencies is probably a new name for most of you.  In fact if you don’t live in New Jersey you likely haven’t heard of this Life Insurance Agency at all but by the time 2020 is over that will certainly change.  Under the leadership of visionary entrepreneurs David Giglione and Eric Ackerman they were able to change their business model to be completely virtual this past year.  What’s that mean for them?  It means they were able to rapidly expand their business when all others were closing.  Sources tell me their hiring needs are in the thousands.

That isn’t why I listed them first though.  They merited this first place ranking for the following reasons:  For starters they have a phenomenal Glass Door rating – 4 stars out of 5.  That is unheard of in the life insurance industry, and any other industry at that.  The reason for that is likely that they don’t make their agents cold call or go door-to-door. They provide their agents with warm leads always. The 4.9 star rating is supported by New Jersey back-to-back-to-back Top Workplace Awards.  Still not impressed?  Their parent company landed on Forbes radar last year, being awarded the 24th happiest workplace in the USA and in 2018 Entrepreneur Magazine ranked them as the top workplace culture as well.  

Additionally all their positions are totally remote and virtual now.  You can #staysafe and #stayhome while still earning a paycheck.

I’d also recommend applying here as they are hiring people of all employment backgrounds.  I did some digging and spoke to some current and ex-employees there so I know firsthand that the Agent position requires no prior experience and that the first year Agents at Giglione Ackerman Agencies average around $63,000 in earnings.

Want to apply? Enroll in their simple 2 step hiring process below and take the first step towards an exciting new career as an agent at their company.

Enroll In Giglione Ackerman’s Hiring Process Below

  1. Register for their Company Overview Webinar. They run these “no pressure” overviews several times a week for people interested in working there. During this 30 minute webinar they go over the job position, compensation, and company background. There is a live chat and they will answer whatever questions people have.
  2. Afterwards if they think you’re a good fit, within 24 hours they will call you to schedule a 1-on-1 final interview. During this phone of video interview they will answer whatever remaining questions you may have as well as ask some of their own before making a hiring decision on that call.

2. Kroger Groceries

Admittedly a grocery store isn’t the safest place to be right now but if you are responsible about it then a job is a job. Kroger has hired over 100,000 people since the beginning of March. With people eating out less and less they have been going to the grocery store more and more. This growth suggests a steady and stable increase in job supply with this well known grocery chain.

Research shows they are looking to hire an additional 10,000 people or so for roles in its e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution center divisions.

3. Paypal

PayPal has seen a surge in demand for contact-free, digital payments since the beginning of March. This behemoth online services and payments provider as well as its subsidiaries are hiring more than 800 people to fill roles in software development and other departments, according to information on their website. Other vacancies at Paypal include positions in data science, technical product management, information security, risk operations and compliance investigations.

On May 19, PayPal launched its touch-free payment app feature, which allows customers to use a QR code to pay for products without exchanging cash or credit cards. This has been taking off and help facilitated the opening of more positions within the company.

I’m not certain if the jobs at Paypal are all remote or not.

I hope during these troubling times you are all staying home and staying safe. 

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